Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I am hanging my head in shame....

I have discovered that THINKING about this blog and what I am going to write is not enough for a new post to show up on the web.....

BUT.  I am here, and this blog has been on my mind, I am always wondering what is "blog worthy".

Our Winter was long and cold.  But thankfully not as snowy as the northeast...

We renovated our awful kitchen!!



Then the ceiling in our front room needed to be replaced, the cracks were growing and it seemed a good idea...the plaster was barely touched by the guy and this whole section came tumbling down!

Now the room is all nicely lit with new can lights and has a brand new insulated ceiling!  This is the room that my big loom now lives in.  (Thank goodness we did this work before I started weaving in there...someone could have been hurt!)  We need to paint the walls but I am still thinking about colors...

Why is my big loom at home?  And not at LibertyTown?  Well I finally made the decision to move all my working spaces home.  (There is still a selection of my work in the gallery) I spend more time throwing pottery out back these days, and when I have an hour or two to weave I just wasn't heading out to the Gallery.  Now I spend all my creative moments at the house. With Layla.

She's 14 you know!  The reno really stressed her out (though you can't tell from this picture!)

So what have I been working on?  I did attend a weaving workshop on weaving figures into your weaving, an interesting boundweave technique.  

Weaving some crazy happy bright towels at my little loom...

And I have been slowly getting ready for my next show on Saturday April 25!  Good grief this coming Saturday! I am not a production style potter so I start my preparations months in advance....but if you are interested in these sweet new bud vases...

....come by the Powhatan Festival of Fiber this Saturday!

And hopefully I won't wait 4 months to post on this poor blog again. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thank you Etsy!

Today was all about packing peanuts, bubble wrap, tape, boxes and invoices.

I am so grateful to all my customers new and old!

And to Etsy.  So nice to have a platform I don't have to create myself.

I also made fudge for the workers at my favorite little post office.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tile Order.

I loved making these.  AND they all came out flat!  If you are a clay artist you know how special that is.  Wonder if the person who ordered a "variety of tiles" will take all of them?  If not they will end up on Etsy!  

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taking a Break!

We leave for home tomorrow.  I will fill the kiln on Thursday and glaze fire on Saturday.  That means more pots in Etsy by Tuesday and Wednesday!

There WILL be mugs!

See you then!

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's That Time of Year!

My body (and my head) can't seem to work 8+ hour days anymore.  But that gets thrown out the window this time of year!

I had to be careful how I took pictures...there are lots of commissioned Christmas surprises on these shelves!

My goal is to have all the pots made, slipped and decorated by Tuesday of next week.  (And I just threw another assorted board of pots today.)  I need to pack and cook on Wednesday.  Thursday is Thanksgiving at my brother's and Friday we leave for a long needed break...We haven't actually vacationed in over 15 years.  We are heading to the beach for 5 days!!  But don't worry everyone, the alarm system will be on and my eagle eye neighbors will be on duty!  (For all of you that worry when it is announced on the internet that someone is going out of town...)

On our return the pots will be dry and waiting for firing the following day.  

Now if I can just find time to start loading my Etsy shop....Maybe tomorrow???

Monday, November 17, 2014

Where did October go?

Don't blink because November is right behind it!

Busy, busy.

We finally laid Dad to rest at Arlington.

Followed by my Mom's detached retina....

She had to spend two hours in this position (you can't see the kindle on the floor, she is watching Doc Hollywood...) and three days on her left side as much as possible.  (I hope you don't mind the picture Mom.  I know I wasn't allowed to post the OTHER ONE.)  I am happy to report that her vision is slowly improving.

Now I am finally back decorating pots!  I know I have a few anxious clients waiting to hear from me.  I'll be emailing you in the next day or two!