Saturday, January 29, 2011

Puppies and Pots!!

So today I went to Juniper Moon Farm
There are cormo sheep and angora goats, potbellied pigs and a mule.
And puppies.
Maremma Guardian Dogs

AND I started my ceramics class at Piedmont Valley Community College.
The only Virginia community college with a gas kiln.
It felt so good.

(pardon the pictures from my phone.....)

The space is not huge but they have all you need.

Even a beautiful view.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Everything seems so COMPLICATED these days....  My studio is still in the works (2 weeks maybe???)
I'm taking a ceramics class at Piedmont Valley Community College (the only CC in Virginia with a gas kiln!)
I'm trying to make a March 1(ish) application deadline for a show....
So slip chemicals from LibertyTown (thanks so much Dan!)....
Hopefully between all these venues I will get it together!

(I'm sure you guessed...that's me behind the mask!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Steps

I am so excited!  I've finally started work on The Studio!  My new best friend Dan W. is doing the carpentry work: new windows and door, insulation and drywall (and anything else I might come up with along the way).  Yesterday was a full day.  NOW we wait for the electrician.  That has been the problem all along....looks like he won't be here for another week.  But at least I am making progress!

The kiln is sitting at The Kiln Doctor ready to be delivered and I already have orders for pots and the possiblity of a venue that makes me very happy!  I'll tell you more once I have it all arranged.