Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot Pots

And a commissioned baby's set.  I love that there is someone out there that wants to give handmade pottery to a baby!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Much to DO

So this is our first spring and summer in our new to us house.  I swore I would just care for the yard and manage what was there....but like usual I had to brighten it up and make it OURS.  So through the 98 degree days we have been having (only 80s this week thank God!) I managed to accomplish quite a bit in the garden:

New hosta bed under our pink dogwood, all moved from the back yard where we have a ton more....

Bee Balm (the bees and butterflies are happy)

Lavendar.  I hope I have better luck with it here...

Another new bed with plants sent to me by a friend in Massachusetts!  I think these hot days have been quite a shock for them.  Luckily we have full rain barrels....

LOVE this coreopsis.  I've been trying to keep natural dyeing in mind while planting....

Chocolate Mint sent to me from Texas!  (You'll notice its in a pot.  Learned my lesson years ago about the invasiveness of mint!!)

Echinacea (should be a good show next year) zinnias and dusty miller with some basil in between. (MMMMMMM  pesto!)

Our first tomato is almost ready!  Thanks Aline!!

Cascadian Hops.  The previous owners were homebrewers.  Greg packed up his homebrewing supplies when he bought his last guitar....his aunt wants to use the cones for baking bread and I am researching the dyeing possiblities for the vines.  One things for sure.  THE VINES ARE LETHAL.  The sticky spiney vines left bloody scars on the backs of my legs after a day of weeding.  Now I know.

Of course, in the evenings I found time to spin...Wensleydale from Flying Fibers in Pennsylvania.

And YES I have been throwing pots.  I have a few commissions that are ready to be bisque fired...
Below are some assorted farm style cereal bowls, slipped and painted and ready to go.

A herd of sheepy banks....

Full to the brim.  But I have two more small plates that I have to make room for....

I only have one table to work on in my studio, and a small one at that.  So my Dad and I came up with a plan, carried out by Dan the Handyman.

These two side by side shelves have become....

...a terrific canvas covered work surface!

Still have a long list of things to do this Summer....painting rooms in the house, new stock for my Etsy shop, preparations for the Fall Fiber Festival (I need to modify my show setup) three looms to warp, concerts to attend (The Decemberists, Gillian Welch and Ray LaMontagne to name a few!)

I'll be back!