Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 1

I'm sorry for the long silence. Remember we are preparing to move!

One last accupuncture appointment.

Squeezed in a student determined to make the snake bowl in her head....

Quite nice, don't you think?

A REAL vacation to visit our dear friend Sky in Oriental, NC.

Long lost brothers I think!

One last First Friday!

Several days of drama involving my neighbors tree and our electricity...

We were only without power for 12 hours.....12 hot hours.....

A farewell to our J Brians Buddies

No more weaving till we are settled in the new place!

One more lunch with some of the LibertyTown crowd! (At this point our house had officially transferred to its new owner....)

Doesn't appear to be stressful for EVERYBODY....

Here we come!

We are staying with my parents in Williamsburg during our 3 day homeless period. We will close on the new to us digs tomorrow morning. Once we have our internet set up I will give you chapter number two!