Saturday, June 15, 2013


Without giving anything away here is the majority of my first kiln load in my new studio in Fredericksburg!

It was touch and go at first.  My initial attempt to start my L&L kiln for the bisque firing resulted in only a "FAIL" message.  Not something you want to see.

At first I sent a text to my friend Beth who was away at a pottery symposium.....then I called and left a message with our local Kiln Guru....

THEN I posted on Facebook, pulled up my big girl pants and opened up the control box.  Lo and behold everything had been unplugged with the move!  Of COURSE.  So after a simple search on You Tube I was able to jump in, rewire the box, hit start and tada!

It seems a small thing to some but I have been dreading the first time I would have any problems with my kiln.  This is why I bought new.

All my looms are used, I can figure out how to fix wood, iron and metal....but electronics????  Now I feel armed and ready to replace those thermocouples!!

So now I am ready to box up these 40 bowls for Vermont on Monday.  Right on schedule!

I really AM a potter!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A glass....or three.... of wine and thoughts.....

It could be the wine talking....but I was contemplating this post.  Looking through the pictures I managed to take.....and realized.  I am a lucky girl.

I left a job that had rung out ALL my energy....walked straight to LT and signed up for Pottery Classes with Neal Reed.  Seven years later I am a potter.  A spinner.  AND a weaver.  And I have Dan Finnegan and his Liberty Town to thank for it.  I have always been creative.  But it is this crazy place.  The energy.  The people. And the arts that flow from this building that finally directed me to what I love the most.  I do not know where I would be with out it.

Thanks Dan. 

(Pictures from our Ten Year Anniversary this past weekend)

Earth Loom


I WANT this lathe....