Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saturday's Craft Show

Anyone in the Fredericksburg/Richmond area?
Come to Montpelier Center (17205 Mountain Rd, Montpelier, Va. 23192 for you GPS lovers) in  western Hanover County on Saturday from 9 to 3.

The show does not appear on their website but I'll be there! So come on over and say hullo! It promises to be a beautiful day and I love to meet blog followers.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

SO Busy

Time is just flying by....My mother always said that the older you get the faster Christmas comes.  She was (IS) right!

I have been so busy.  Making pots, weaving on my looms, thinking/worrying/obsessing about the house and balancing all the other stuff in between.  No matter what I do the time seems to slip by, I manage to get most of what I need to do completed and the house is slowly coming along!
I am doing a show at the Montpelier Center in Hanover county VA on December 1 (9-3).  I don't know what to expect.  I was invited, which is nice.  But it is a small show, the booth fees more then reasonable and all the fees are going to a family who has recently lost their mother/wife.  So even if the sales are low I feel ok.  BUT that means working to have enough stock for the POSSIBLITY of a great day (it's all about the possibilities in life right?) and for all the holiday shoppers.

These face yarn bowls sell surprisingly well.  Who knew a weird sense of humor was so prevalent in the fiber world!

But I would not feel complete without my black sheep.

Lots to get glazed............

More work to process.  Feeling the time crunch!

Any guesses?

Finally weaving with my handspun yarn.  The yellow is commercially spun, but I decided I may run short of the handspun and had to supplement....

Yarn for sale!

Layla at the bank.  Before the drool ran down the side of my truck.  The ladies at the bank really spoil her with cookies.  She even expects them to come out of the ATM.

Foundation poured!  You can see the shingles for the new roof.  They started the roof yesterday (Saturday!) and will start framing on Monday.
We've had a few unwelcome financial surprises on the home improvement front.  The city required a storm water diversion plan.  Which has cost us over $5,000.  Money we were hoping to put aside for the other surprise.  It seems the current furnace may not be efficient enough for the added space.  Despite what the inspector believed.  (Note to self.  Call in a HVAC specialist on every older home purchase.....) 
But we are pushing through and hoping to keep all other unwelcome surprises at bay.  I don't have a picture but the studio is getting its new green siding. 
That makes me happy.