Thursday, January 31, 2013

BOY did it rain last night!!

Our normally sedate river was raging when I woke up this morning.  I knew it would be wild.  Last night it poured and the wind BLEW.  It was still windy today.  74 yesterday.  Today I think it may have been in the high 40s but the wind made it feel much colder.

I know I have mentioned before how much I love living literally right across the street from the river, especially this time of year...not so much in the summer when everyone starts gathering and invading My River Space....

We are high enough to feel perfectly safe, so I can enjoy the power and sometimes unpredictable personality that defines the Rappahannock.

Our house is located right on the Fall Line, the point where the river was no longer navigable by the tall ships.  Just down stream is the tiny, now almost non-existent town, of Falmouth.  Falmouth and Fredericksburg were MAJOR ports during the eighteenth century.  All the local growers would roll their hogs heads of tobacco down the dirt and rocky roads to the ports to be shipped off to England.  Living here now it is difficult to imagine the hundreds of ships that would be docked here.  The river is tidal, and the silt build up over the years hardly allows the small paddle boat to make it to the City Dock.  (Oops!  Sorry for the history lesson, once an historian always an historian I guess!)

I especially like watching the geese.  I have never seen them in the water when it is raging like this.  Today proved me wrong.  This group was having a ball.

The six of them (obviously three very adventuresome couples into extreme sport) would fly upstream to a calmer area of the river....

Situate themselves with their backs facing downstream....

And just ride the current.....

Then they would call to each other, and fly back up stream to do it all over again! (Layla tugged on the leash as I was trying to take this picture...but you can see the geese in flight there in the center if you look closely.)

Luckily our new place, though not just across the street, will be an easy walk to the river path.

And SOON we will be moving in!  They are working on the last few details...and we are still waiting for Dominion to put the line in to my studio.  But the house is nearly there!!

One last thing....I can't help but boast.  Tiny A Story about  Living Small, the movie made by my niece Merete and her friend Christopher has been accepted into the SXSW Film Festival!  I am just so damn happy for them.  Such a creative, talented and motivated couple.

Makes me feel like it's time for me to get back into the studio and do some creating myself!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We finally had a little snow last night.  IF my shovel and broom weren't packed away somewhere it would be easy to clear walks and the car. But a MOP had to suffice....

(If you look closely you can see it leaning next to the door.)

Killer Bunny is our snow gauge.  (He's about 2 feet high.)

Tracey's talk of weaving pushed me to get to the studio and work on my latest wool blanket.  I work in stages to save my back.  It is nice to finish all the warping one day, so that you can walk in and just start weaving the next.....very satisfying.

It's going pretty quickly with this simple pattern.  I will probably be painting at the house but hope to finish  this over the weekend.  Greg is driving to Florida for a week of "work" so I will have only Layla to give me a schedule!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Foggy Days of Winter....

It has been a wet and foggy several days. It started at as warm (hence the fog on the river, isn't it beautiful?) but now the cold is creeping in.  Greg struggles with this kind of weather, but luckily he is heading to Florida for work in a week.  Layla and I will stay here and continue to provide Quality Control at the house project.

But the tile is going in!

And the old cabinets have been placed as of this picture, but installed yesterday.

We just don't have the cash right now to do a full blown kitchen renovation, so we had the room gutted, the wiring replaced where we WILL want it when we do the rest of the work and new dry wall was installed.  I'm going by in a bit to hopefully find that "we" managed to salvage the old (ugly) counter top as well.

The house ended at the end of the cabinets in the picture.  Everything beyond is new.

Lesson learned. (AGAIN.) Expect a home renovation project to go over budget AT LEAST 10%.  We are beyond the bottom of the barrel now.....but it I think we will make it!

In the mean time I have decided this will not be a pottery month.  My folks are downsizing (I may post more about that...) so I have been helping them go through their treasures (being the closest geographically and the only daughter you KNOW some have come home with me.)  I am trying to get another blanket on my loom at the studio, but between being called away to put out fires at the house, painting radiators (golly but spray painting is hard on the hands!), working on a knitted sock commission and just my own lack of motivation with the yucky weather it isn't getting done.  (Throw in DVRd Downton Abbey....)

Maybe today...

And Layla's tail is nearly healed!  We will retire the Cone of Shame in a week or so.

(Her tail is even blurry because she's waggin' it hoping for a cookie!)