Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow and Slow Progress

Looking at these pictures it just seems that 8 inches really isn't that much snow...but it is HEAVY.  And the beauty of it was looking out the front door first thing in the morning and seeing our neighbors doing the shoveling.  Taking pity on the poor woman with the broken spouse.

We are also SO thankful that this storm did not cause any power loss in the area.  We are already experiencing sewer line problems without losing power on top of it.  The day before the storm began they had marked the road to replace the entire sewer main!  I guess we will keep our flushing to two or three times a day till Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday.  And keep our fingers crossed.

I cleared a path to the studio...

And finally got to work.

And I will be back at it again today.  Thankfully the sun is out!

Monday, February 10, 2014


I have finally carved out a couple of hours each day that allow me to work in my studio.  The commute is short but our cold temperatures have sure put me off the trip.

But I have a wholesale order to fill so off I go!

The bad thing about Ground Hog Day is the announcement of 6 more weeks of winter (are we really surprised about that?)  The GOOD thing about Ground Hog Day is that it is Layla's birthday!

13 and still loves to open presents!

Today I plan on running some errands, delivering some handspun and picking up a few groceries in preparation for Wednesdays forecast.  Then back to the studio to start decorating those mugs!