Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Pots

I am working away to stock up for my two biggest shows of the year.  September 28 and 29 is the Shenandoah Fiber Festival and October 5 and 6 is Fall Fiber Festival.  Shenandoah is a new one for me and yes, these shows are two weekends in a row.  I am still wondering if I am crazy.  I know there are artists out there that do an amazing number of shows each year, weekend after weekend, but I am not what you would call a "production potter".  So only trying it will tell!

Somehow the dates have creeped up on me.  We had a family gathering a couple of weekends ago for my Dad's 80th birthday and it seems, despite the event only being one day, that I was more distracted by the thought of 14 extra people in our small house then I now I am working frantically to throw, throw, THROW.  And I have sheep, alpaca and goats swirling in my brain!

AND I finally fired the glaze kiln full of all those piggies and cows I posted about earlier.  Sometimes it just seems to take awhile to gather a full kiln load.  (Mine is 7 cubic feet if you were curious.  Not too big, and not too small....)  I am happy with all the results.

So now I keep my fingers crossed that my back will continue to behave and that the Kiln Gods continue to cooperate!

The next load drying.....