Monday, April 19, 2010

I HAVE been busy!

So I did get in to the local small show at Hurkamp Park. The date is May 15 and 16. Because it is my first, I am a bit anxious. Not because of the show itself (I love to talk with strangers.) but because of all the preparation. So I have been working hard in the studio. These slipped mugs are on a new type of clay. I have been looking for a redder, cone 6, clay. I like the color but the amount of grog makes the clay stiff to throw. I have tendonitis in my right hand and this clay really aggrevates it. Bummer. So for now I will stick with smaller pieces, and keep looking for another alternative. Maybe when I have my own kiln one day I will experiment with the low fire earthenware like I have been wanting to...

I also have been throwing alot of my standard clay that will take the blue/green combination of glazes. I'll have some of those to show you in a couple of days. I hope!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Watch this!

Especially if you are a knitter!

Lack of planning

Each day I get up about 6:30. I feed the dog and leave to drive Greg to the train station at 7:08 (any later and we wont make it, we have it down to the minute!) Back home by 7:20 I read the paper, check the blogs (while watching the squirrels out the window over my desk in the living room...) and eventually hit the floor for a session of yoga stretching. IF I'm LUCKY I don't fall asleep. Then Layla gets her walk (if SHE'S lucky) before I eat my breakfast and head to the studio.

That sounds well planned.....what isn't is the fact that I FORGET MY CAMERA EVERY DAY. I am getting frustrated with myself. I can only beg photo shots from friends so often...When I do remember to bring it there is nothing new to show.

So here is what has been going on (but without the pictures.): a tile mirror project for the Patron Show in May. (I WILL have pictures of that thanks to Elizabeth) banks nearly completed and a mess of mugs of a new VERY RED clay I am trying for my slipware work. At home I finished the doubleweave blanket I (may have) mentioned earlier. Also for the Patron Show. (No pictures of the process because of pure laziness on that one). All this interspersed with articles for the Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild newsletter.

First Friday tonight.

I promise to do better. I hate posts without pictures. But no post is worse right??