Sunday, May 22, 2011

Etsy. I've Done It.

It took ALOT of work...well sitting at the computer, cussing and carrying on....

But I have my store set up and stocked a bit.  From everything I have read it is better to add a few things over time rather than everything all once.

I have learned some things.
1.  I don't like taking pictures (I think I already knew this one.)

2.  If I wanted to take pictures I would have become a photographer.

3.  I don't like my camera.

4. My tripod is awful.


I have been obsessing over the last week about making my store perfect.  The banner, the policies, how to do shipping, what to charge, THE PICTURES....

I finally realized I need to start somewhere.  So I have.

Next I need to figure out how to put the direct link in blogger.


Here's the LINK.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Struggling Photographer

So I've pulled out the lightbox and spent the last several hours taking pictures.....

I don't have the graduated black to white I have been using the gray.  Since my slipped pots don't seem to pop the way I would like...

...I have switched to the black.  I don't like that there is no shadow under the piece to ground it.  At least the pots themselves seem more prominent with the black.

I'm loath to admit that I still use the automatic setting on the camera and instead play with the light sources...I really need to find my manual and really learn how to take decent pictures.

These are much better then the ones I took a couple of years ago without a light box.

While I was struggling....

The mailman brought a parcel of Fall Fiber Festival brochures!  I am so excited to be a vendor there  this year!   

I also spent a couple hours painting a wall in my weaving studio in the basement.  I have some projects that I MUST get on the loom(s).  I have a plan for some woven goods for Fall as well.

At least the rain has stopped!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Juniper Moon Spring Shearing Festival

What a great day.

So I have spent the last two months in my studio preparing for this event.

I had no idea how it would be.
But I knew that the people there would be wonderful....
and I was right.

(Sorry the pictures are only fair.  I just never seem to bring my REAL camera and it was very overcast all day.)

Daisy the minature donkey.  I want her.

These maremma guardian dogs were off duty for the big day.  They are such fantastic dogs with the flock!  But they were given the day off.

Ironically there are no pictures of the actual shearing going on!  For those, go to the

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Do I DO This Every Year....

Maryland Sheep and Wool.  The biggest sheep and wool festival in the country.  (Though I hear Rhinebeck is moving up fast).  I go every year.  USUALLY I get there with my friend Lynette before they even open and we are DONE by 1.

This year Lynette had a family obligation so I tagged along with another friend Linda. We didn't arrive till 11:30.

The parking doesn't look so bad does it??

Except that was the OVERFLOW because of

It was CRAZY crowded.  By the time we got through to the gate and I went off on my own it was just too tough to really shop.  So I visited my favorite vendors especially Flying Fibers.

Turns out I was in a Wensleydale mood!  Picked up some Jacob and a bit of weaving cotton.

Briefly met up with a gang from Ravelry's Juniper Moon Farm
(Where I had an attack of shyness, my friends forget that I start that way and struggle to be comfortable with a new bunch)

Was relieved to hang a bit with my old Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild buddies.

Ribbon fries and lemonade and we were out of there.

From now on it's the morning for me. The afternoon is for everyone else!