Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Couple of Plates

Fall Fiber Festival is next weekend! My pots are made. Will spend the week organizing and making sure I have all the required bits and pieces. I still have not done enough shows to have any kind of rythm or system.   Everything seems to be pretty spread out between our rental, the shed out back and LibertyTown!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Studio Update

I know I promised pottery pictures next...but I woke up with an awful migraine this morning.  Managed to finish up a weaving project at LibertyTown, with an October 1 deadline (more about that later,) and that was about it.
Here it is while I was in the midst of it.  This project was much harder then I remembered (I've made two others in the past.)  Especially with all the interruptions that come with weaving in public.  Cotton chenille is very touchy...and the minute my mind wanders, it usually is followed by a half hour of UNWEAVING and trying to figure out where I am in the pattern.   I still have to work the fringe and then I will post a finished picture. (really.)
On the way home from LibertyTown I ran into the post office to drop off a birthday surpise for my Shepherd Friend in Vermont (you know who you are!) and stopped by The New Old House.
No one was working this morning.  Which is a result of all the work that has been done that doesn't require a permit.  We are in waiting mode now.
Spent the rest of the day in bed with a heated bed buddy on my head.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heaven on Earth

Caravatis was NOT a disappointment.
The BIG building was a bit dark and I was pretty excited so the pictures will not do it justice.
The funny thing is we were there for doors and radiators and I didn't take one picture of all the radiators!
We did not buy anything this trip...I was a little overwhelmed....but we will go back soon because they are HAVING A SALE ALL MONTH!
Yup. Heaven.

Need a spindle or two?

Lotsa, lotsa, locks!
Somehow I didn't get any pictures of all the gorgeous DOORKNOBS.  OMG.

Would love this matching pair hanging in my kitchen....
This was the coolest. A window I think?  The grate inside is WOOD.  And the patina.....GORGEOUS.

Lots of plumbing fixtures too....

And the SMELL.  I just love that smell of old possibilities just waiting to be discovered!!!

We laughed out loud at this sign.
We left with lots of potential purchases in our (well my) heads.
Ate a fantastic lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, Harrison Street Cafe, right near VCU, jumped into Elwood Thompson's (a fantastic healthfood grocer, not only do they give you that usual .05 credit for bringing your own bag, they give you a credit if you take the bus or WALK!) and then drove home in time to pick up dry cleaning and to stop by the old new house.  Greg hadn't seen all the work done this week!  (He should read my blog for updates!)
Promise pictures of pots next.  Really.


Friday, September 14, 2012


So. Despite delays in acquiring the city required construction permit work is moving along on our new old house. (Ya'll said you would be interested!) They have been working hard on all the things that can be done without that magic piece of paper.
Rather then pay the big money for new windows we are having the old ones scraped, reglazed and painted.  It's already a huge improvement.

Once the paint cures they will install new storm windows.
Here is the kitchen before.....

The beginning of demo....

And this is what greeted me yesterday afternoon!!!  I am SO glad we can afford to stay in our rental while all this dusty work is being done!

Meanwhile the work is starting on The Studio!!
First the old animal shed is ready to be torn down.  (Our house sits in a portion of the city that was not annexed in until after WWII.  That means it is quite possible that this old shed was used to house some sort of livestock....)

After finding FIVE copper heads I have taken to calling this gentleman "Snake Man".
I was considering saving the shed.  Thank goodness I listened to those with better sense!
The siding on the small garage was in pretty rough shape.  So we are basically keeping the skeleton and going from there....(notice Snake Man still hard at work...probably finding a few more black widows....)
And this is today. Alot of progress this week.  Fabio will be installing the two windows and french doors next week.  It will get all new siding, a new roof and a new coating of concrete on the existing cracked concrete floor.
Tomorrow we head to Caravatis in Richmond.  A very well known (at least locally!) architectural salvage place.  We will be looking for pocket doors and radiators....but I have wanted to visit this place for literally who knows what else I might find!?