Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spinning Maniac

Awhile back I mentioned that in an effort to avert the cranky feelings that threaten due to the lack of  CLAY work I have been spinning. A lot. Around FIVE POUNDS in two months. This is what 5 pounds of handspun looks like:

That's 2,991 yards. 

The above is four pounds of Karakul.  This fiber has a pretty long staple and is much coarser and hairier then the Blueface Leicester I usually prefer.  But Karakul felts VERY well.  So I have spun this as singles (that is why it looks more kinky then the other, I spun it tight to withstand the tension on my loom.) and hope to weave a blanket from it, felting it slightly when it is finished.  We'll see how it goes....

These pretty colors are mostly Blueface Leicester wool, though the gray is from Hatchtown Farms in Maine (a wonderful gift from a visiting friend) which is a glorious Coopworth top.

And because I have to prove that I have made pots in the past this is a commission for a butter dish for a friend in Germany.  It needed to be the right size for a "slab o'butter" as they call it. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Signs of Fall

Well Fall is actually well on its way in Charlottesville Virginia.  Im just now recording it, because of the learning curve on the new computer.  I am THRILLED to see that our maple tree in the backyard is a gorgeous glowing yellow!

I have also discoverd the subtle differences in Virginia acorns:

First Charlottesville:


Lastly, LibertyTown....!

Thanks to Mary Hardy and the hours on the deck with her evening glass of wine.  These are wet felted wool with a hat provided by Mother Nature.

I love them so much my friend Elizabeth Woodford made me a couple of pair of earrings from some others!