Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Glazed pots and disappointment

A few of the leaves all glazed and ready to sell.

Here are a couple of the small bowls. I am unhappy with the way the glaze turned out. The large bowl is an earlier piece and you can see the nice overlap of glazes. This is a combination that I use regularly, but this time in the smaller bowls it crawled considerably. I am NOT happy. I still have a lot to learn about glaze chemistry and behaviors. I HATE chemistry (the only reason I stuck with it in high school was because it was the good looking teacher's first year...) So when this happens to my standard colors it is really discouraging to me. In fact cleaning the house today felt more satisfying then going to back to the studio!

Fortunately SOME of the bowls are fine....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

50 inches and counting....little pots.

I think this picture says it all. Is 50 inches enough???

Finally walked into the studio and ended up throwing these little pitchers. Im always trying to think of small less expensive items to make. I attended too many craft shows where I could afford NOTHING. I like to keep that in mind.

These are my little $10 bowls. I have 32 done and will work on more. They are big sellers and I want to be well stocked for the two shows I am hoping for....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Again with the snow!

Very unhappy bushes this morning under the latest 16-20 inches...

Improvisation for breakfast. Greg toasting a roll with my 18th century iron meat fork! (We lost power for 3 hours this morning.)

Shoveling by moon light. You can really see it here!

One last shot of the table out back

The day was spent sleeping in front of the fire, watching DC weather coverage (did you see the snow ball fight on Dupont Circle???)and a bad movie and spinning. Tomorrow we'll attack the driveway!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Healing and weaving and snow!

For those of you who have been reading the last few posts you know that Layla had surgery for a cracked tooth yesterday. (She also turned 9!) When the vet pulled it out it shattered! (EW.) She also removed a cyst from her eye and trimmed her nails. May as well do the whole nine yards while she is under right??? Here she is all comfy in her chair saying wordlessly "NO MORE OINMENT IN MY EYE PLEASE!"

And this morning I decided to enjoy the new inch of snow we got last night by staying inside and weaving! Towel number 5. Wonder if I can get the last 1 1/2 done before First Friday???

Now off to my pottery studio at LibertyTown to work on mugs. I hope to do a couple of shows this year....more on that another day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

So how do you spend another snowy weekend?

Another 10 inches. It is hard to believe. We have not had this much snow in Fredericksburg in the last 10 years combined! So what do I do?

Weave kitchen towels to sell at LibertyTown.....

Eat Brinner (thats breakfast for dinner for those of you who are unintiated) Tator tots in honor of
Gary Rith!

Eat homemade pizza ala Greg.

Waiting for a piece of crust!! She loves pizza. But does not have discerning taste. Take out or Greg's. Crust is crust!

Here we go again!