Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Is There Still Anyone Out There?

So I mostly use a tablet these days, but when I use the computer my blog pops up as a start up tab.  And I am reminded that I have not posted in WAY too long.  I have entered the Instagram world like so many other people.  That is so much easier.  Instant gratification, and I can post when I am in the middle of DOING.  That way there is no, "hmmm, I should post about this on my blog..."and then it never happens.

So look for me there as Anna Branner's Cloth n Clay (@wooliewoman)

Meanwhile I have been keeping busy.  I am still lacking in the motivation department.  Ever since my Dad died (wow, more then 2 years ago now) followed by Layla, my furry studio companion, it seems my energy is not as focused as it should be.  Still working on that.   Working in the garden helps...  I had two Spring shows and have another coming up this Saturday.  That is very busy for me!  And a good thing, since having a goal that needs to be met is definitely a motivator!

This Saturday is the Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown, Fredericksburg's first all pottery show.  We hope that this will be an annual thing.  Come see us Saturday, in front of Sophia Street Studios, from 10-5.  20 Virginia potters, most from our little talented town, but a few from away as well.

Meanwhile here is what I have been working on!

Potters call loading the kiln "tetris" like the game.  This is a glaze firing so nothing can touch!  My kiln is a top loader.  So you build the shelves from the bottom up as you load.

Hope I see some of you this Saturday!  And for all of you that are not local, I hope to load some pots into the ol' Etsy shop in the next week or two!