Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Three days till Spring.  Do you think Mother Nature has the date on her calendar?

Friday, March 14, 2014

In Like a Lion....!?

Lots of distractions still going on here in Fredericksburg.

But the sewer line is fixed.  (We hope.)  The city rescheduled FOUR times.

Greg's knee is very slowly healing.  (I promised him I wouldn't post any pictures of it this time.)  Another 3 weeks until he can start trying to walk on it.  But at least he has begun PT and his working leg has gotten stronger so he is getting about the house with his walker with more confidence. Which means more studio time for me!

So I loaded a bisque this week.

I absolutely love my hollow core shelves.  SO much lighter and easier to load then the solid ones.

Layer one.

Layer two.

It never fails.  I try to manage the space to allow for lots of pots and I always end up with a shelf right on the level of the thermal couple.  So I add height and my attempt to not have empty head room is but a dream.

You will notice I don't do a lot of stacking.  I don't like to put too much  pressure on the "tabs" on the yarn bowls.  And I also have issues with my images "ghosting" onto nearby pots.  Especially the black.  So I only stack some of the bowls with only interior designs.  And that means most of my glaze firings hold almost all the pots from the previous bisque.

Layer three.
(Notice my witness cones.  My kiln may be a computer but those cones are my protection!)

And the top.

And of course I continue to weave.  I have a new brown warp on my small loom and will keep working to produce towels for my upcoming show in April.

But the best news.  Despite mostly cold temperatures (today is 61 but tomorrow will once again be freezing...) I found evidence of Spring!  

Just a little longer....