Monday, October 12, 2015

Christmas Orders

Well, since there was no Fall Fiber Festival I am wondering if there are disappointed shoppers, thinking they lost their chance for my pottery as Christmas presents...

That is not the case!  IF you are looking for something that you don't see in my Etsy shop that you would like to include in your gift giving shoot me an email at and we will work something out!  I like to have my orders by November 1 so that I can complete everything well before Christmas (allows less stressful shipping!)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, October 5, 2015


I have wonderful customers.  I should have taken a picture of the pile of packed priority boxes but I was concentrating on loading them into the car, and then helping my buddy Richard process them all at the post office.  Second load will go out tomorrow or Wednesday.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Etsy Shop is FULLLLLLL

It has POURED all day.  Boy am I glad the Festival organizers made the decision they did.  So I have spent the day filling up the shop!  


Use the discount code FFFBLUES and you will get 10% off your total purchase. 

 (I couldn't figure out how to make the sale automatically store wide without a code, I'm a potter and a weaver after all...not a computer wizard!)  Hope you find something you like.  There are some lovely choices I think.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Fiber Festival Blues

In case you haven't heard the Fall Fiber Festival has been cancelled this year.  It has been raining for days, and with Joaquin out to sea there is no telling what will happen this weekend. I commend the organizers for making the hard decision and in a timely manner to allow plans to be changed.  In 2006 the festival was a huge mud bath, and this year is looking worse.

I am so SAD not to see all my loyal customers.  (I am fighting a cold brought home from last week's show, Shenandoah Fiber Festival, so maybe this is a blessing).  Because I am all stocked up for a show my plan is to load up my Etsy shop.  So keep your eye out.  There may be a special discount.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I am hanging my head in shame....

I have discovered that THINKING about this blog and what I am going to write is not enough for a new post to show up on the web.....

BUT.  I am here, and this blog has been on my mind, I am always wondering what is "blog worthy".

Our Winter was long and cold.  But thankfully not as snowy as the northeast...

We renovated our awful kitchen!!



Then the ceiling in our front room needed to be replaced, the cracks were growing and it seemed a good idea...the plaster was barely touched by the guy and this whole section came tumbling down!

Now the room is all nicely lit with new can lights and has a brand new insulated ceiling!  This is the room that my big loom now lives in.  (Thank goodness we did this work before I started weaving in there...someone could have been hurt!)  We need to paint the walls but I am still thinking about colors...

Why is my big loom at home?  And not at LibertyTown?  Well I finally made the decision to move all my working spaces home.  (There is still a selection of my work in the gallery) I spend more time throwing pottery out back these days, and when I have an hour or two to weave I just wasn't heading out to the Gallery.  Now I spend all my creative moments at the house. With Layla.

She's 14 you know!  The reno really stressed her out (though you can't tell from this picture!)

So what have I been working on?  I did attend a weaving workshop on weaving figures into your weaving, an interesting boundweave technique.  

Weaving some crazy happy bright towels at my little loom...

And I have been slowly getting ready for my next show on Saturday April 25!  Good grief this coming Saturday! I am not a production style potter so I start my preparations months in advance....but if you are interested in these sweet new bud vases...

....come by the Powhatan Festival of Fiber this Saturday!

And hopefully I won't wait 4 months to post on this poor blog again.