Tuesday, May 17, 2016


ONE post since the beginning of the year?  

Spring show accomplished between DAYS of rain.  We were SO lucky.  It poured last year the ENTIRE TIME.

Once we returned home I packed up and headed to visit my Mom and bring her back to my house in Fredericksburg.  She bought me a tree for my birthday!  It will be delivered tomorrow.  And IF the rain is not too bad I will put it in the ground.  Our back yard was a blank slate when we moved here.  (And I CAN'T believe I have no pictures of our empty yard!  All I have are pictures towards the house of the addition...)  But here you can see I am making headway.  The crepe myrtle is all that was there before.  Baby steps....a fence will be added next year.

 Thanks to friends with transplants!  I am determined not to plant anything treated with the neonicotinoids that are harming the bees.  I don't know when they started that, or how long (maybe forever??) they are harmful but at least I am doing my best by buying only from nurseries that don't use them any longer (and most in Virginia still do) or go the transplant route. :) There will be lots of daisies, cone flower, black eyed susans, lillies, peonies (another birthday gift) and more.  The dogwood that arrives tomorrow will go somewhere in the back corner...

While here Mom wanted to stop in at LibertyTown...where she found this gorgeous pot by Scottish potter Hannah McAndrew.  

It really is a treasure to be able to buy her pots here in the states....if you love her work come down to Fredericksburg!

After Mom's visit Greg and I took off for Florida.  It has been raining here in Virginia for WEEKS.  All sun in St. Augustine.

There are LOTS of wonderful galleries in St Augustine.  This is a piece that was in  Amiro.  This piece is an awesome example of Estella Fransbergen's work.  Raku and wire.  AMAZING.

Every time we drove from our hotel to town we passed a nursery full of these gorgeous pots from Mexico.  One big one and a few small ones came home with me.  It was hard to choose!!

And now we are back to rain.  But I've used this day to lunch with friends and start stocking up the Etsy shop!  

So now it is back to business!