Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter a little early, quite the distraction!

Well, Virginia finally got a major snow storm. Greg and I measured various places and came up with 19 inches! All in one day. It reminds me of my high school days in Iowa.

Friday night Dan Finnegan had a thank you Happy Hour at LibertyTown. After checking some pots (which were too wet for trimming but just right for slipping...) and making a brief appearance at the shindig, I headed home amidst large flurries to hang with Greg. While the snow gained momentum we opened our Christmas present to each other early....and ended up playing Wii till 3 AM!

Saturday was spent watching the snow falling and decorating the Christmas tree (nearly all the ornaments purchased at LibertyTown. I promise more on that another day.) We also were considering the fact that we had to head to Williamsburg in time for Greg to make work related meetings in Hampton, VA on Monday and Tuesday. Plus I had Christmas goodies to deliver to my folks in Williamsburg.

Of course that meant Sunday was all hard labor!

Now we are in Williamsburg full of my Mom's quiche and plenty of Sierra Nevada Celebration. Nothing but a dusting of snow in sight here. Amazing how Mother Nature can be so selective with these Winter storms (though this one fell in Fall!)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

holy cats, no snow in northern NY and lookit your place :)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Great post, Anna. We're looking forward to seeing you again at Ltown!

The Heiferman said...

Nice pics. Nothing but rain and flooding here in GA!