Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Greg and I have been in the mountains for our New Years visit to his parents (his Mom's birthday too.) New Years eve meant a traditional (for us) Italian meal at Sals in Edinburg, VA followed by lots of Wii! Even Greg's dad Bob played. I have pictures on my camera but forgot to bring my usb cord. (@$@$%**!) So imagine 4 hours of bowling and golf. Greg's Dad has surpassed our bowling high we need to get practicing.

It has been bitter cold here in the Valley. Negatives during the night. The sun is out now though. Too cold to melt their snow so its just gorgeous to look at. That means alot of laying around in the sunspot at the back door, spinning for me, guitar for Greg and movies sprinkled in with the Wii! We did manage to bundle up and head to Cally's in Harrisonburg. The food is pretty good and best of all its a brewery. That's me with three of my friends. :) Greg has made a habit of sending phonepics of the latest beer he's drinking to my brother in Boston. This is the latest in that "series".

So we head home today. I have pots to throw! Once I am home with that blasted cord I'll share pictures with you of bowls, bowls, bowls. Empty Bowls is just around the corner and I have only 38 of the 100 I have promised!



Linda G said...

Hey Anna, I missed your blog while in Massachusettes - dial up is soooooo slow - so I'm catching up. I love the pictures of your ornaments - what a great tree idea! and good advertizing for Liberty Town. The shoes and socks are the best! See ya soon, LG

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous shot for your banner!! So glad that you had fun in the frozen valley!!I am ready to get on with new projects and a new start to a brand new year!!!
See you soon!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

rather amazing header there, too!