Monday, March 8, 2010

Show pics

One of my goals this year (besides this blog) is to finally to do some actual shows. They don't have to be major events, just something to get my toe in the pond, teach me the ropes and motivate me to do the work. In Fredericksburg we have a smallish show in May, that happens to coincide with the Marine Corps Half Marathon that is now sponsored by this small town. Plus this particular show is in the Park just around the corner from LibertyTown! If I forget something I can always run back and get it....How's that for an easy first show attempt!

Fortunately the show is very low key. So I have attempted to take my pictures for application myself. I KNOW they are not great but hope they are adequate for this particular event. I have already been promised by a certain person that he will help me for the more serious event I'd like to try for in Williamsburg in the Fall.

I'm required to send three pictures, to include one of my set up. So the first one and probably the third and sixth will go. (I know the mug is too blurry, but I really love that mug. Only I can take blurry pictures with a tripod!)


Elizabeth said...

I think that you photos will be fine for this show. The depth of field is off on the mug- easy fix!Next time you do a set up shot put a colored background behind, the white is reflecting your flash back at you and causing shadows. Every aspect of starting to do shows is a big learning experience, and you are so lucky to have the support and expertise of many show masters!!!
Bravo to you for taking this big step!!!

Anna M. Branner said...

Thanks for your tips Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hey, not bad, my friend! You're getting there. I'm so pleased that you are getting your toes and your wares OUT THERE! Of course, that means less stuff for us, but we'll bear up. See you soon!

Jacky said...

I've really enjoyed reading through your posts and seeing your wonderful weaving and pottery. Good luck at the exhibition, I think you have some wonderful work to exhibit.

Jacky (popping by from Elizabeths blog...lucky you, that gorgeous wall hanging.

Anna M. Branner said...

Thanks for your good wishes Jacky. Elizabeth W is talented isnt she??

Deborah said...

Your work is lovely!