Thursday, July 22, 2010

Plates, plans and grown up chores

Managed to throw a bunch of plates to fulfill a commission yesterday. At least 4 "Eat your cookies first" plates. The one I had made on a whim sold and then could have sold 4 more times at least! Have a couple of other things to get done too before the studio gets packed up. I have some time yet.

I'll miss LibertyTown alot. I have made many freinds here and learned SO much. Not just about clay, also color, composition, and the fact that a potter can have a constructive view of works in other medium. I see myself as an artist now, not "just a crafter". (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

I still am experimenting and searching for what will be ME in my work. I enjoy the new slip work I have been doing....but am still not sure. Once I am settled in Charlottesville I plan on enrolling at Piedmont Virginia Community College. Dan knows Tom Clarkson, who teaches a bunch of the ceramic classes. I have heard he is very good and Im looking forward to having some structured classes. Most of my experience is with the classes at LT. College level will be great....and it will allow me to postpone the expense of a kiln.

But first the move! Today we were busy picking up Greg's commuter car from Woodbridge, taking two cars for their check ups, communicating via email with our Charlottesville realtor (Jim McVay is AWESOME) scheduling appraisels, inspections and choosing banks and movers. WHEW! No wonder I am on my third beer tonight!

Despite all that Greg was able to slip out for a hot walk. We live below the University of Mary Washington (will always be MWC to me). The squirrels always make their way down our way during th summer since the campus garbage cans are so empty. This little guy hit the jackpot! You'd never find a full piece of pizza in the garbage at our house!


Elizabeth said...

We need to get together, now that becca and I are back from the beach. You certainly have been busy!! I DONT WANT YOU TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But I will be visiting!!

Spinning Ninny said...

I'll be interested to hear about what adventures you all will get in to in Charlottesville. :) That is one lucky squirrel!