Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Signs of Fall

Well Fall is actually well on its way in Charlottesville Virginia.  Im just now recording it, because of the learning curve on the new computer.  I am THRILLED to see that our maple tree in the backyard is a gorgeous glowing yellow!

I have also discoverd the subtle differences in Virginia acorns:

First Charlottesville:


Lastly, LibertyTown....!

Thanks to Mary Hardy and the hours on the deck with her evening glass of wine.  These are wet felted wool with a hat provided by Mother Nature.

I love them so much my friend Elizabeth Woodford made me a couple of pair of earrings from some others!


Elizabeth said...

You did luck out with that fabulous Maple- love the glow of the yellow leaves!! Your acorn comparison is very clever! Mary's felted jewels are such fun!!! I am so glad that you like your earrings!!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hah! Like the comparisons with the various acorns. Funny, girl!

I'm so glad to have had lunch with you last week, and look forward to your next visit. I guess I'd better get myself to C'ville, too, huh!?

You keep me going, Anna, with your great comments on my blog. Thanks so much for that!

Anna M. Branner said...

I really look forward to my LibertyTown lunches. You guys keep me going!