Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time flies when you aren't making pots.....

Hi Everyone!  No pots in the near future, but I am making headway!  I ordered a new L&L 7 cubic foot kiln with vent of my very own.  The electrician is lined up to run the required power to the garage, the contractor has been picked for the insulation (yes Dan) drywall and installation of bigger but more efficient windows.  I will do the painting to make it purty, and our HVAC people will come in and put in a ductless ac/heater.  I hate spending the money on that but Greg insists (I do love that man!) so I will definitely be making pots in comfort!

In the mean time I have been baking and knitting for the upcoming holiday.  Nothing very picturesque about that, but here are the other goings on:

Picked up my new to me 56" Macomber Loom with my good friend Linda.  Thanks Stan for the use of your truck!  Trip to and from Ohio went very smoothly....once we got the billowing tarp arranged correctly.

2010 Artists Studio Tour
Judd Jarvis' gas kiln.  He has a great setup in Nelson County.  He too makes in his garage so he was full of good information.  I bought pots of course.  Because the next best thing to making them is buying them. 

Donna the Buffalo at the Jefferson.

Shearing Day at Juniper Moon Farm
They raise cormo sheep and angora goats.

One of the Maremma dogs who guard the sheep and goats.  (One who incidently just had puppies about an hour ago!!  But don't know if this is momma Lucy or not.)

Angora waiting for his haircut.....

Two weekends ago went to the Free Union Country Day School for a small craft show (where I of course managed to buy 8 oz of roving from Kid Hollow Farm.  It was St Nicholas Nite afterall!)

What a great place to attend school.  This library is just so cool!  (Small!  But cool!)

LAST weekend we visited Mangham Manor Farm
Mohair and wool.

That's me feeding the normal size lamb.  The TINY kid on the left was 13 oz at birth (7 pounds plus is normal!) He is wearing a hunting sock.  They were from different triplet births. 

Can you imagine this view everyday at work??

Now we are having our first real snow.  About 3 inches so far, so I am off to keep knitting away on those Christmas gifts!

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow, girl, you are getting around! It's fun seeing photos from your activities. I'm so glad you're getting your set up to throw pots. You don't want to forget how, after all!

Merry Christmas!