Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Artist's Studio Tour

So, every November select artists in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties open their studios to the public.  When we moved here last year it was the first thing on my "want to do" list.  I wasn't disappointed.  Of course we were sure to go again this year.

I love seeing the workspaces of other artists.  We didn't go to EVERY place like we did last year, our time was a bit shorter.  But I was not disappointed by our visits.  And I was shopping this time since we are moving away and the tour will not be as convenient once we are both settled back in Fredericksburg. 

I made a point to start at Kevin Crow's studio in Nelson Co. Kevin is every bit as warm and friendly as I had heard. He gave us a fantastic description of the wood firing procedure, they were at the end, working on stoking and salting the last chamber. Loved seeing how the planks of wood were used as long platters for the salt, then slipped in to burn away.....(never knew that!)

Kevin's kiln shed.  Not nearly as impressive as if I had taken a picture from below of the three chambered kiln.  Didn't even think of taking pictures till we had made some purchases and were leaving!

Kevin's throwing shed turned shop for the tour.

Couldn't decide so we bought all three!  Greg specifically chose the tumbler for his nightly beer(s).

Gotta love those salt affects!

We also were sure to stop at Judd Jarvis's place.  He fires with gas behind his house with a gas kiln he built himself.  Every year he and his wife clean out the main living area of their house and turn it into a gallery of his latest work.  Judd's another one of those potters so willing to give advice to newer potters like me!

Another tumbler for Greg, (looks woodfired maybe?) and a plate for me.

We also stopped to see Tavia of Tavia Metal just a mile or two from our house (I had a pair of her silver earrings on my shopping list.)  Another fantastic artist and all around great person.  We always feel so warmly welcomed when we see her.  She even gave us some free tickets for a show in Chicago that I will pass on to my niece at the Art Institute.

And I have to mention  Tanya Tyree.  I would love to have one of her female form jars or wall forms but had to be satisfied with a pair of her raku earrings.  I just love how she represents women in her work, the grace of the shape, and the interpretation of woman as a vessel.....

We ended our day with a yummy pizza at Mellow Mushroom, with a couple G'night Red Imperial Ales.  Time spent with Greg, art, beer and pizza.  A perfect day.



Tracey Broome said...

I checked out the other artists pages, what great artists you have so close by! I loved Tanya's sculpture with the little houses (of course). Great raku jewelry too.

Anna M. Branner said...

Tracey there are artists all over this area! And how did I miss the little houses???

taviametal said...

What a great post - Thank you Anna! Always a pleasure to see you and Greg as well. I wish you the best in your move! Keep creating!!