Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Day at Juniper Moon Farm

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day for a sheep shearing! My drive to Juniper Moon is now an hour and a half, rather then the 30 minutes it used to be.  But what a gorgeouse drive it was! Driving through the Virginia countryside AND being able to totally avoid highways makes me very happy.

This Shearing was even more fun since I was finally able to meet in real life (IRL!) people with whom I "talk" to every day on Ravalry. Friends from Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts.....Just a fantastic day. 

Of course it was a working day too, as I brought along my Juniper Moon Pottery.  Everyone is always so enthusiastic!  I had some trouble with my Square....cell service is a little spotty out there and the wifi was down.  But business was still good.

Jerry the Llama

Of course the main reason for the event was that it was time for Spring Shearing.  Emily is amazing.

Got to see the Maremma puppies!  Only 2 weeks old!

(Still just a pile of cuteness!)

These are working dogs.  While Susie makes sure they are well socialized they are meant to live with the sheep and goats day and night.

Lucy is a good mama.

AND the new dairy cow was delivered.  She is bred and ready to have her calf any day.

Susie, Caroline and Zach are working hard to diversify a bit to keep the parasite level down in the fields.  Different animal families counteract each others parasite types through pasture rotation.

Plus they are really enjoying working with the dairy GOATS.  A cow just seemed to make sense!

The goat milk ice cream provided for dessert was heavenly....

I managed some spinning time before I made the drive home.....

Then I packed up my yarn prizes (there is always some sort of raffle and the yarn prizes this time were absolutely wonderful!) and headed home.

All in all a fantastic day.

Thank you Susie, Caroline and Zach for welcoming us!


Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous day you had!!! Isn't it great fun to meet internet friends in the flesh_ I just love that!!! the weather could not have been more perfect!! thanks for sharing your day with us!!

Tracey Broome said...

What a great place to spend the day, wish we had a place like that close by, looks like so much fun. I have started reading the barn on the web blog, from your blog roll, I loved the video he had of the sheep shearing, that's a lot of work!

Anna M. Branner said...

Hi Tracey! RJ is a real piece of work. Did you see that he won the beginning of his fiber flock from Juniper Moon Farm? She does a giveaway nearly every year. You need to read his "lessons learned" section of his website. You WILL laugh!