Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Foggy Days of Winter....

It has been a wet and foggy several days. It started at as warm (hence the fog on the river, isn't it beautiful?) but now the cold is creeping in.  Greg struggles with this kind of weather, but luckily he is heading to Florida for work in a week.  Layla and I will stay here and continue to provide Quality Control at the house project.

But the tile is going in!

And the old cabinets have been placed as of this picture, but installed yesterday.

We just don't have the cash right now to do a full blown kitchen renovation, so we had the room gutted, the wiring replaced where we WILL want it when we do the rest of the work and new dry wall was installed.  I'm going by in a bit to hopefully find that "we" managed to salvage the old (ugly) counter top as well.

The house ended at the end of the cabinets in the picture.  Everything beyond is new.

Lesson learned. (AGAIN.) Expect a home renovation project to go over budget AT LEAST 10%.  We are beyond the bottom of the barrel now.....but it I think we will make it!

In the mean time I have decided this will not be a pottery month.  My folks are downsizing (I may post more about that...) so I have been helping them go through their treasures (being the closest geographically and the only daughter you KNOW some have come home with me.)  I am trying to get another blanket on my loom at the studio, but between being called away to put out fires at the house, painting radiators (golly but spray painting is hard on the hands!), working on a knitted sock commission and just my own lack of motivation with the yucky weather it isn't getting done.  (Throw in DVRd Downton Abbey....)

Maybe today...

And Layla's tail is nearly healed!  We will retire the Cone of Shame in a week or so.

(Her tail is even blurry because she's waggin' it hoping for a cookie!)


cookingwithgas said...

wow! That looks fabulous! We are still victim of not enough $$$ to finish this house. But we live in it and love it anyway.
Stay warm!

Anna M. Branner said...

Yea Meredith, I keep assuring Greg that we will finish the kitchen in 2-3 years tops....but we will see. ;/ (Luckily he doesn't read my blog. HA!)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

We are all caught up on your life, Anna. We miss you in the blogosphere. And now we know why! Who in the world would commission a pair of socks??? Rude.

Anna M. Branner said...

HAHAHA! :) Ms Seaver you crack me up. Those socks are actually keeping me sane! Because there is actual PROGRESS EVERY NIGHT.

Unknown said...

It looks like a beautiful house, you're going to love it when it's finished