Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

(4th of July, Fort Rucker Alabama, 1972? )

I grew up with a history lover for a mother. 

 My Dad is first generation American, with German immigrant parents.  

Every time we moved my folks made sure we saw all the historic sites on the road to our next home.  From the Alamo, to the missions of California and the Oregon Trail and Lewis and Clark. From Fort Laramie, Wyoming, passed the Wagon Box Incident (I'm still not clear on that one), Custer's Last Stand, Boonesboro, Lexington, Concord and Plymouth. Jamestown, Williamsburg,  and so many more.  We have so much to be amazed and proud of....and at the same time so much to think about and reconsider. So all day today I think of where we have come from, and  how far we have come, what we need to improve on and where we might end up.

I also think of my Oma who died on this day, and my creative niece who was born today (different years.)

We have our issues.  But I am still thankful for the peace in the streets, the natural resources we are still trying to respect and the diversity that we call America.

Happy Fourth Everyone!!!

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