Monday, October 7, 2013

Done and DONE. Next? Vermont!

What a hot weekend we had!  You would not have known it was October.  90's and sweaty.  Wool sales were down a bit I fun fondling that fibery goodness when you have sweat dripping down your face and sticky sweaty fingers....(and I think the government shut down may have been in the backs of some of the shoppers minds..)

I am happy to say pottery feels good in any weather so I am completely satisfied by my sales.  I have loyal customers and meet more awesome and interesting new people every year. A big thank you to all of you!

The light in the tents is never good.  So I took no pictures of my booth this time around.

So look at these instead.

I LOVE this sign.

I did well stocking my inventory with Alpaca pots this year.  As we were setting up I told my good friend April (who drives up from Western North Carolina to help me every year!!  She is such a good friend.) that I really need to add bunnies to my repetoire.  Not  an hour later I had some disappointed bunny lovers make that exact request.  So I was on a mission this weekend looking for models....


Scottish Blackface.  Isn't nature amazing?

A festival does not feel like a festival without some Scottish pipes.  

And handsome ones at that!

This week I am working to wrap up all the post show book keeping (I try not to complain, the more receipts to work through the better the show!) clean off my desk and generally get the house back into shape.  All the prep work for two shows in a row definitely puts housework on the back burner.  So I am working to get everything sorted out, maybe relax with a good book here and there.

Then on Friday its off to Vermont to visit my favorite shepherd at Gilead Fiber Farm!

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Sarah V. said...

Those fluffy bunny faces!!! I love pipes, too :)