Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vermont. Part Two

Last time I promised you pottery.

Kristen lives very near Two Potters Nathan and Becca, and she has even helped with a firing of their massive kiln.  Their place was one of only two places I knew I needed to see while in Vermont.  (the other was King Arthur Flour if you were wondering.)

I follow them on Facebook and read their blog.  I can't believe I finally was able to see the place in real life AND meet Becca and Nathan.  I was very lucky, for only a week earlier Becca was a little busy bringing Zoe into the world. :)  (She is beautiful.)

The shop.

Standing in front of the massive kiln shed with the gorgeous studio in view.

Not a bad view for sipping coffee and waiting for a kiln to cool...

Carefully numbered bricks for resealing the door before firing.

Unfortunately I was so impressed by the shear size of their workspace I didn't take any pictures giving you a feel for it.  (If you go to their website you will see the entire building process and the impressive result!) 

I love seeing how diffrent potters arrange their wheels.  Both Nathan and Becca throw standing up.  Definitely the best way to take care of your back and something I have been considering.

Becca's set up.
(Don't you love that sweet table, and getting the pedal at just the right height makes a big difference!)

Nathan's wheel.

And Nathan's view.  Pretty inspiring if you ask me.

My purchases...It was hard choosing!  The tumbler is one of Nathan's from the wood kiln and the plate shows Becca's vegetables from the electric kiln.  (I have several other pieces I have purchased that match.)

This sweet bowl comes from the wood kiln as well.

Nathan and Becca are every bit as hospitable as they seem on their blog. I was just thrilled to meet them and see all that they have accomplished!


So another day was spent in Brandon, VT.  I took so few pictures here.  

But I absolutely love this cemetary.

And the reason for the visit to this sweet town was to stop at the Brandon Art Guild.

I discovered before my trip that Stacey Stanhope is a member and would be a highlighted artist while I was there!  She has very little internet presence (meaning no website but she does pop onto Facebook occasionally with pictures of her recent work.)  But I have managed to pick up a mug...and was sure I would do a little shopping while at the gallery.

I did do quite a bit of GIFT shopping (no pictures of those of course.)  But this sweet yunomi came home with me.

And I decided this plate would be a gift from my brothers.  Thanks guys!

From Brandon we headed to Middlebury and the search for the elusive Heady Topper!  (If you are a beer lover you may know what I am talking about!)

(This picture is to see if my little brother still reads my blog.)

Middlebury, VT

And since I did a little shopping (including a half case of Heady Topper that needed to be kept cold!) my packing required some flexibilty and imagination.

See ya Vermont!  Until next time!!!


Lisa/knitnzu said...

Love this! I should get back to reading blogs... the demise of google reader led to the end of my blog reading... Have to figure out how to get feedly feed into ipad.

Sarah V. said...

So many beautiful things! If I had to choose, I think the sheepy plate is my favourite, but there is so much to love!! It looks like a lovely and restorative holiday :)

Anna M. Branner said...

Sarah I am still benefiting from that trip. So beautiful. I love New England and haven't been in too long!

Anna M. Branner said...

I have to admit Lisa, if it weren't for my own blog and the lists along the side I would not read as many either. But luckily there is a subscribe feature now! On the very top left you can subscribe by email. :)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Anna, I am so glad you got to go and for so long--Fred has missed you, though, so we're glad you're back. Hope to see soon.


TT in MD said...

Beautiful pictures! What a great trip - your family is very special to get that all arranged! Love the studio/kiln shots - how interesting.

Anna M. Branner said...

I miss seeing your smiling face Elizabeth!

Tracey Broome said...

Such a nice tour you gave us all, what a beautiful place. Makes me want to pack my bags! I also love that sheep plate :-)

Lime said...

Nice shaare