Friday, September 12, 2014

What a Summer

I can't believe how quickly this Summer has just flown by.  There were even very few unbearable days.  And this is Virginia!  So I can't blame the heat on my lethargy.  I tried my best to get into the studio (or update this blog), but a good book, or our spartan garden or the couch seemed to continually call my name.  While Greg has worked like a dog every day both at work and still healing from his January knee injury (thank goodness for physical therapy he is now doing stairs again!) I have been busy trying to heal my heart.  You see, I lost my dear Dad to lung cancer in May.  For some people heart break raises a need to sink into clay, or paint, or paper or whatever creative outlet does the trick.  I have now, unfortunately, discovered that my creativity abandons me all together.

(My Dad working at the archaeological field school in Popham, Maine)

But.  Life continues to swirl and race around me.  Our old dog Layla nudges me to take her for her short walk every morning...(and she sheds like crazy so vacuuming has to happen) the farmers market calls me to buy all the luscious greens and veggies of summer (so healthier cooking is happening) and finally the tears are less and the paralysis has given way to a push to get stocked up for my two big Fall shows.

So despite the lack of posting I have slowly begun weaving again.

And getting my hands dirty in clay.

Two weekend shows in a row, where I sell quite a few pots requires a lot of preparation.  So the shelves are full of  pots in all stages.  And just yesterday was my last "wet day" of work.  All I have left to do is draw and fire.  And maybe warp another loom to squeeze in one more project?

If you are near by....Shenandoah Fiber Festival is September 27 and 28 in Berryville, VA.  Fall Fiber Festival (which includes the not to be missed opportunity to see competitive sheep dog trials) is the following weekend near Orange VA October 4 and 5.

Stop by and say hi!


Dennis Allen said...

Sorry for your loss. It is always a difficult time. Hope you have some good sales and nice weather.

Anna M. Branner said...

Thanks Dennis. It's the first parent to go for both of us. It's as hard as I imagined.

TT in MD said...

I am glad to read things are easing up a bit - nothing wrong with taking the time to ease up on things.

I love the pots and I see that border collie! I might just need that :) and the weaving is beautiful - so many pretty colors!

Tracey Broome said...

So nice to see your post! I've been missing all the bloggers who have been struggling with this summer,including me.
So sorry to hear about your dad,I also lost my dad to lung cancer, I know this pain well. My thoughts are with you.
I have had a very empty craft soul this year, maybe the fall will get better for us all:)

Michèle Hastings said...

So sorry to hear that you lost your Dad. My Mum also passed away in May (colon cancer) and it was much harder than I thought.
Despite your difficulty in getting back to work, you have some sweet looking pots. I love those sheep mug. Best of luck with sales.

Anna M. Branner said...

My heart is with you Michele.

Sandy Miller said...

breaks my heart to read your about your loss, so very sorry. Have been off the blogosphere most of the summer myself and now seems many of us are creeping back in...... one toe at a time, testing the cold waters.
The pots are beauties! As is the weaving!

cookingwithgas said...

All in good time, I always felt as if I was walking under water when I lost a family member. I would slowly awake months later with Mark waiting, always, for me. You have been gone he would say, Yes, yes I was. Gone to relive memories, cry, wonder, miss and mend my broken heart. It is never easy, yet it is , who we are, remember the good times, laugh, share, tell stories, keep them with you.