Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall Fiber Festival

So much preparation goes into doing craft shows.  For me that means Fiber Festivals.  I am sure you have read here before my statement that I am NOT a production potter.  Slow and steady FINISHES the race.  I don't necessarily win.  But what I finish I price and pack and tote to the festivals and every one always seems happy with their purchases.  So that in turn makes ME happy and is half the reason why I do this.

Waiting to be fired for the first time, "greenware".

Work in all stages.  Green, bisque (fired once) and on the bottom shelf pots ready for prices.

...and pricing is a whole 'nuther type of chore.

Before the rains came.

One last set of towels hemmed and ironed and ready for their new homes!

Despite the damp weather here in Virginia please come see me at Fall Fiber Festival this weekend.  As long as you wear your boots, and maybe a rain coat, you will have a wonderful time!  We were cancelled last year because of the impending hurricane.  This year it is rain or shine!

I will be in tent 4-II waiting for you!

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