Wednesday, January 27, 2010

...and a bad tooth

We have the very best vet. Our dog Layla tore BOTH her rear ACLs a couple of years ago. She has terrible separation anxiety so we couldn't imagine leaving her overnight for surgical procedures. Plus, I always do my research on those things. That's how we discovered Dr Vicky.

She practices on her farm. We drive about 20 minutes down windy country roads and up her cedar lined farm lane:

To this gorgeous, calming place. I feel as though the minute we toodle up the driveway the healing begins!

Well. Dr Vicky is a DVM but also practices acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, chiropractic and a host of other things. She carries quite a bag of tricks! Because of her knowledge and loving treatment Layla's knees are doing very well. Plus changes in diet have cleared up some long term digestive problems. Dr Vicky and her staff are just fantastic.

Layla doesn't look like SHE thinks this is a good idea, does she??

Besides her regular treatment the real reason for our trip was a broken tooth. :( That means surgery next week to remove a badly cracked molar. Poor Baby. Scheduled for next Tuesday. And its her birthday too! 9 years old, but still the 6 month old we rescued from PetSmart.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

what a gorgeous doggy :) and I like the one in the header too!

Anna M. Branner said...

Thanks Gary! The header is a "Wolf in Sheeps Clothing". Part of a collaborative show LibertyTown did awhile back. My friend Judy spun the wool and knitted the wolf's "duds". Not quite as snazzy as your gold jacket!

Diana said...

Wishing Layla a speedy recovery. Love the wolf!
I rescued a darling wolf and he shared my ife for 10 years. He was a sweet, sweet boy. That expession is right on.

Spinning Ninny said...

Poor little Layla. No one likes a toothache! Give her a scritch for me.

Elizabeth said...

Well the girls in the Branner house are not faring very well!!! Glad to hear that your back is better- thank God for Dr Chris miracle worker!!!!
I do so love Wolf in sheep's clothing!!!!!
See you soon!