Sunday, February 7, 2010

Again with the snow!

Very unhappy bushes this morning under the latest 16-20 inches...

Improvisation for breakfast. Greg toasting a roll with my 18th century iron meat fork! (We lost power for 3 hours this morning.)

Shoveling by moon light. You can really see it here!

One last shot of the table out back

The day was spent sleeping in front of the fire, watching DC weather coverage (did you see the snow ball fight on Dupont Circle???)and a bad movie and spinning. Tomorrow we'll attack the driveway!


Elizabeth said...

Ok!! I give up!! I am officially done- and we have yet to shovel the drive!!!! The kids will be going to school in July at this rate!!! We never lost power thank goodness- tho the Saftey Fire Guy made sure that we were ready!!!!
Been stitching away!
I would say see you soon, but I 'm not too sure........

Spinning Ninny said...

That's intense! I wish that we were getting some real snow. North Carolina always gets these REALLY wet snows which melt quickly...and they're always on the weekend so I don't even have the opportunity to get off work. :(