Monday, February 1, 2010

So how do you spend another snowy weekend?

Another 10 inches. It is hard to believe. We have not had this much snow in Fredericksburg in the last 10 years combined! So what do I do?

Weave kitchen towels to sell at LibertyTown.....

Eat Brinner (thats breakfast for dinner for those of you who are unintiated) Tator tots in honor of
Gary Rith!

Eat homemade pizza ala Greg.

Waiting for a piece of crust!! She loves pizza. But does not have discerning taste. Take out or Greg's. Crust is crust!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Oh, yum, pizza!

I'm glad to see that you didn't waste time while the snow fell. You need to get those towels on the shelves, girl! They sell like hotcakes (waffles?)

Elizabeth said...

There is something so very wonderful about being inside, creating and watching the snow fall!! Then we shoveled the parking lot at LT!!! That was fun too!!! Tina, Aline and I, haven't shoveled in a long time! Thank goodness for Dr. Chris- appt. on Wednesday!!!!
Weave on!!!
Love the hanks of Indigo!!!!
See you soon!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

TOTS!!!!!!!!!! PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like my house up here in the snow belt of Lake Ontario. The food does. Except we don't have any snow. Hardly any this winter. YOU PEOPLE in the south have been getting all the snow. A little upside down....
The dude can make a PIZZA, I can see that, I am getting hungry here....

ariel freeman said...

Too funny. Glad you were able to be productive, enjoy good food, and blog to share with the rest of us. More snow to come... :-)