Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Over due update....

I can honestly say the lack of posts is because I have been so busy! We are finally having some much needed work done on our Old House. The rebuilt screen porch is looking beautiful. I KNOW I will appreciate the waterproofed basement. The jack hammering better damn well be worth it!

In the mean time the LibertyTown Patron Show opened last First Friday. I donated two pieces:

A doubleweave throw woven of Harrisville wool and felted in my washing machine. This was my first time at attempting to weave double my looms width. Im pretty happy with it....and it won second prize! I've never won a prize for my art before. :)

My second piece is this woodland mirror

I am SO happy with this. I have carried it around in my head for years....and would not have been able to complete it without my Dad's help (he cut the MDF and routed out the hole for the mirror) and Andrea Shreve-Taylor a VERY talented mosaic artist here at LT (she basically held my hand thru the installation and grouting process!)

Those of you who read Dan Finnegans blog will know that he had an awesome kiln firing a week ago. He generously allows some of us to add a pot or two....This time I made buttons. Such cool color variation. And the wonderful thing about a wood glazing needed!

I have also been preparing for my first craft show. I know I have enough pots....

I am sweatin' the logistics and the set up and the weather....But this weekend is the "Big Event" and with my hubby the CPA's help with the financial end I can worry about the other stuff. :)


Elizabeth Seaver said...

All your work is so fantastic, Anna. You keep getting better and better. It's amazing what can happen when you spend hours and hours at something. You so deserve the award on your blanket. I'm proud of all you are doing!

Anna M. Branner said...

Thanks Elizabeth! It means alot coming from such a talented artist. :)