Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Organizing followed by a little music in the neighborhood

So everything from LibertyTown is now here in my new to be Clay Studio.....see if you can guess which side is mine and which is Greg's!?

The weaving studio in the basement is coming together...wonder where the 56" Macomber loom I'm picking up next week will go???

All that work deserved a little entertainment. So Greg and our friend Emily and I walked down the street to see a band you might recognize:

Crosby Stills and Nash playing within a 10 minute walk from my house! This place is really so amazing. The concert was AWESOME. A lot of gray hair both on the stage and in the audience. But David, Stephen and Graham sure can still perform.

What a blast.

The nest morning Emily had to leave early to make her graduate class at 9 AM (its about an hour and a half back to Fredericksburg from here.) I am not ashamed to say that Greg and I went back to bed! After a leisurely brunch we headed out (because half the day was gone already and it was SO beautiful out) to Stanardsville VA to visit Noon-Whistle Pottery. Greg and I had a great visit with Holly Horan. We had met her husband at the local (fantastic) farmers market a couple of weekends ago.

They have a terrific shop with work from many talented artists included with their own. Holly throws beautiful functional work and her husband John makes earthenware faces that I LOVE. Once I get making again I hope to have some of my work in their shop.

So now its Sunday and we are working. (!?) Laundry, hanging pictures (still) moving furniture. Layla broke another tooth trying to chew herself out of her we go to the new vet tomorrow. Poor thing is still not quite sure about the move.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What fun to see bits and pieces of your life--some I even recognize! I'm so glad you all are finding the move a good thing. I guess it eases the pain a bit.

Hope to see you soon.

Elizabeth said...

So happy to see your art spaces getting set up!! i am so Envious of you living in Charlottesville!!! Awesome concert and great pottery studio- sounds so wonderful!!!

Poor Layla- maybe some doggie Xanex would help for a bit or St John's WOrt- stress is really hard for animals!! I hope thatt you like the new vet!