Friday, September 24, 2010

The Trip to Ohio That Didn't Happen and MORE organizing

For those of you who are not weavers, the fact that I finally hung this item on the wall today will have no significance...It is a warping board, the second vital step in my weaving process.  (The first being deciding what it is I plan to weave!)  I promise to have a warp on it very SOON.

I find it so hard to create when there is still so much chaos around me.  Though the house itself is looking very good, I have left my creative spaces for last.  The basement is coming together.  I worked down there for several hours this afternoon.  It would have happened sooner but I was waiting for The Trip To Ohio to pick up my new to me Macomber 56" loom.

It didn't happen.

I reserved a Budget Rental truck a MONTH in advance.  I arranged with my friend Cathy to come with me on the trip.  I had a hotel reservation in Akron. We even boarded Cathy's wonderful companion Sophie, since MY dog Layla is so anxiety ridden we needed to take her along.  When we went to pick up the SMALL and MANAGEABLE 10 foot truck the lady calmly told me "we never see the 10 foot trucks here, so I have a 16 foot one instead."  OH MY GOD!....but then I calmly coaxed myself into believing that there could not be THAT big a difference in how they drive...(!?!)...and that I COULD DO THIS!

With sweaty palms I carefully eased out onto the 4 lane road....wondering all along how I had gotten myself into this predicament....BUT  I COULD DO THIS.  Not 15 minutes later there was a horrendous noise. Did I hit the curb???? Were the overhead branches too low????  As my heart slowed back to normal I made my way down our street INTO OUR ALLEY and even INTO A PARKING SPOT.  Cathy met me outside the truck "We have a problem".  It was the curb. And the air was slowly seeping out of newly cut slits in one of  (its a big truck) the right rear tires.  SHIT.  (sorry)

SO.  Called road side assistance, she said you can drive 20 miles on that tire, take the truck back.  AND I DID.  If I weren't so angry about the fact that the woman gave me a 16 foot truck, angry at myself for taking it, angry at the curb for getting in the way, I would be pretty damn proud of myself for the maneuvering out of the alley.

SO this cheap loom is getting more expensive.  $314 more expensive.

I wonder if I can find a number for a freight company that services Wadsworth Ohio????


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Well, crap, Anna! That really bites. I'm so proud of you trying to make lemonade (if you get my drift) and so sorry that you couldn't get your loom!

You are amazing to have gotten so much done already in your new house. Will we see pictures soon????

A little birdie told me you might be stopping by LT on Tuesday. I hope so!

Anna M. Branner said...

Elizabeth you KNOW you can always trust your little birdie. :)

The Heiferman said...

Maybe call your little brother. I understand he has shipped car bodies, engines, transmissions. He might have a contact ;-)

Anna M. Branner said...

Im gonna do that Heiferman! Good tip. :)