Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Vacation...Part 2 (the other end!)

Moving in!

So the last couple of weeks have been spent trying to get organized.

I'll be weaving in the basement....I should have taken a picture of the mess but I could not face it! Instead I'll take some pictures when it is done....

My future pottery studio...half of it anyway. Anyone have any tips or advice??

All that work requires some recreation!

On Friday I met my parents and their pickup truck at LibertyTown in Fredericksburg to pack up my old studio. It was hard work and with both their truck and my RAV 4 packed to the roof there is still more for me to pick up next week. It's still hard to believe that I wont be going there each day to work....and to see all my buddies....I made time for lunch. Thanks Sharon and Linda for all your help with the packing up!
In the next few weeks Greg and I will definitely be taking advantage of our new community. Lots of music, the Fall Fiber Festival, local food...

There is still alot of stuff to accomplish around the house. (When the pictures are finally hung I know we are SETTLED. Thanks especially to the artists of LibertyTown. I have alot to arrange!) My weaving studio in the basement is my next priority. Mixed in between will be gallery visits downtown in search of venues for my work....and the planning of my clay studio in the garage. Gotta buy my first kiln.....Stay tuned!

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Linda G said...

So glad to see your pictures and how things are going. Love the picture of you with the beer - I'll bet it was neccesery! Hope to come see you soon.