Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No pots but more music and WOOL!

So.  I have been busy stashing, running errands, cleaning, organizing....and spinning. ALOT.  In the last 2 weeks I have spun over 4 pounds of wool.  I think I miss my potters wheel.....

By the weekend, Saturday was so BEAUTIFUL.  We had 7 inches of badly needed rain through the week.  Saturday was crisp and perfect for mowing the lawn, cleaning clogged preparation for lots of fun.

Emily came (our go to girl when it comes to music!) and accompanied us to The Jefferson, a fantastic small music venue down on the mall.  Gaslight Anthem was the show for the evening.  Kind of Springstein meets punk.....a real experience for me.  For those of you who know my hubby Greg, he is an amazing music lover.  Punk is his favorite (The Ramones, A Place to Bury Strangers etc.....) Had fun at the show but I have to admit to plugging my ears once or twice...It got LOUD.

GasLight Anthem

I got up the next morning on my own and headed to the Fall Fiber Festival at Montepelier.  What an AWESOME DAY.  They had called for rain by lunchtime, but the sky was blue, followed by blustery clouds.  A genuine Virginia fall day.  My favorite.

Scottish Blackface

Cormo.  My favorite wool to spin.  I fell in love with this lady.....

I love this notice!  The color does not show up too well here but this llama had a gorgeous peachy
 colored neck

Angora bunnies


By 11:00 or so Greg and Emily arrived (Emily on her way home to Fredericksburg) That man LOVES to watch the dog trials.  In a setting like this it is easy to understand.

Did not miss Carpe Donut.  The BEST ORGANIC DONUTS! 

And no festival is complete without Kettlecorn!

I have no pictures of all the gorgeous products sold by the vendors.  I was too busy looking, touching and buying to be distracted by focusing a camera. I will say I was more controlled this year....but I had to replace the 4 pounds I have spun....right???

This is the first year that there was POTTERY. Now THAT is a show I will shoot for. MMMMM wool and clay. IS there a better combination???

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Elizabeth said...

Sometime you need to tell folks how much yardage you got from 4 lbs of wool- those who don't spin have no idea!!!!! It will impress the heck out of them!! Put it it in terms of a sweater for an adult and you will make even more of an impression. I t was great good fun to enjoy the fair with you! I did not manage to move very much but I sure was able to spend the $$$$. I am so excited about making a sweater for myself!!!!! It has been a long time!!! Your pottery will be absolutely fabulous at this venue!!!