Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still here.....

Hi all.  No pictures because I am "in transition" computerwise.  My laptop is slowly giving up the ghost.  The monitor goes black with out I do have a new machine.  :)  That makes me happy.  They are cheaper these days and faster than my old one.  BUT  (there always seems to be a but!) Mr Gpod has not had the time to install all my backed up stuff.  or the printer....or my camera....

I know, I know, why dont I figure it out for myself?  Because he already knows how!  I have other things to fill my brain with.

So for now I will continue weaving and battling this horrid head cold.

John Prine last Saturday night was GREAT.

And its raining again!  Woohoo!

My new favorite DVD series is Mcleod's Daughters.

Puffs ROCK.

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Elizabeth said...

The head cold is absolutely horrible isn't it?? So sorry to hear that it has visited you too!!!
Computer woes and transistions are such a bother but I am sure that Greg will get to it soon!!! AHEM GREG!!!!!
Are you still planning on coming East on the fifth?? I have acorn earrrings waiting for you!!!