Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Struggling Photographer

So I've pulled out the lightbox and spent the last several hours taking pictures.....

I don't have the graduated black to white I have been using the gray.  Since my slipped pots don't seem to pop the way I would like...

...I have switched to the black.  I don't like that there is no shadow under the piece to ground it.  At least the pots themselves seem more prominent with the black.

I'm loath to admit that I still use the automatic setting on the camera and instead play with the light sources...I really need to find my manual and really learn how to take decent pictures.

These are much better then the ones I took a couple of years ago without a light box.

While I was struggling....

The mailman brought a parcel of Fall Fiber Festival brochures!  I am so excited to be a vendor there  this year!   

I also spent a couple hours painting a wall in my weaving studio in the basement.  I have some projects that I MUST get on the loom(s).  I have a plan for some woven goods for Fall as well.

At least the rain has stopped!!


Tracey Broome said...

I look back at the photos I took before my light box and I can't believe that I actually sent them off for entries, what was I thinking! Now I have a photo cube, but I use inexpensive light gray poster board from Michaels so when it gets dirty I just throw it away and get more. I use 6500 kelvin temp bulbs, one on each side, or sometimes I just use the light from the window. I am lucky that a professional photographer lives here, so he helps a lot, but I still use the auto setting on my camera, just too lazy to figure it all out! I had tried the black background, but I agree, the pieces felt like they were floating and I didn't care for that. Keep at it, you're getting there! Cute cute bowls!

Anna M. Branner said...

Thanks Tracey! That gives me hope. And I definitely love the idea of cheap background paper.