Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Do I DO This Every Year....

Maryland Sheep and Wool.  The biggest sheep and wool festival in the country.  (Though I hear Rhinebeck is moving up fast).  I go every year.  USUALLY I get there with my friend Lynette before they even open and we are DONE by 1.

This year Lynette had a family obligation so I tagged along with another friend Linda. We didn't arrive till 11:30.

The parking doesn't look so bad does it??

Except that was the OVERFLOW because of

It was CRAZY crowded.  By the time we got through to the gate and I went off on my own it was just too tough to really shop.  So I visited my favorite vendors especially Flying Fibers.

Turns out I was in a Wensleydale mood!  Picked up some Jacob and a bit of weaving cotton.

Briefly met up with a gang from Ravelry's Juniper Moon Farm
(Where I had an attack of shyness, my friends forget that I start that way and struggle to be comfortable with a new bunch)

Was relieved to hang a bit with my old Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild buddies.

Ribbon fries and lemonade and we were out of there.

From now on it's the morning for me. The afternoon is for everyone else!


Elizabeth said...

Well at least you had fabulous weather!!!! The crowds are why I really really love Montpeleir- or I should say lack of crowds!!! i know that you will be vending there this year and I am SO excited for you!!!!

MarthaVA said...

It was beautiful there this weekend. Crowded. This was my first year going. It was GREAT. I'm a new weaver so I was agog at all the fiber, wishing my budget was MUCH bigger!

I can be kinda shy with a group too -but I can talk up a storm with one or 2 people. :-)

So you'll be vending at Montpeleir? Awesome! I go to that every year (if the weather is good). Hope to see you there! :-)


Elizabeth Seaver said...

So did you spend all of your birthday money?? How nice that the weather was lovely. I'm glad you got to meet some folks you've been corresponding with. Hope to see you again soon!