Monday, April 19, 2010

I HAVE been busy!

So I did get in to the local small show at Hurkamp Park. The date is May 15 and 16. Because it is my first, I am a bit anxious. Not because of the show itself (I love to talk with strangers.) but because of all the preparation. So I have been working hard in the studio. These slipped mugs are on a new type of clay. I have been looking for a redder, cone 6, clay. I like the color but the amount of grog makes the clay stiff to throw. I have tendonitis in my right hand and this clay really aggrevates it. Bummer. So for now I will stick with smaller pieces, and keep looking for another alternative. Maybe when I have my own kiln one day I will experiment with the low fire earthenware like I have been wanting to...

I also have been throwing alot of my standard clay that will take the blue/green combination of glazes. I'll have some of those to show you in a couple of days. I hope!


Elizabeth said...

We have missed you!!!! You have been really busy! Love all of the new designs 0n the mugs!!!! Holler if you need some help with set-up!!!

The Heiferman said...

Nice mugs, we love ours. We actually have some Hashers interested if you wanna do a run of them.