Sunday, May 15, 2011

Juniper Moon Spring Shearing Festival

What a great day.

So I have spent the last two months in my studio preparing for this event.

I had no idea how it would be.
But I knew that the people there would be wonderful....
and I was right.

(Sorry the pictures are only fair.  I just never seem to bring my REAL camera and it was very overcast all day.)

Daisy the minature donkey.  I want her.

These maremma guardian dogs were off duty for the big day.  They are such fantastic dogs with the flock!  But they were given the day off.

Ironically there are no pictures of the actual shearing going on!  For those, go to the


cookingwithgas said...

I hope it was a good day- I want too!

Elizabeth said...

I hope that you got lots of customers !! Must have been fun to have Linda out there with you!!
Friends in OK had those dogs in with their sheep- they are amazing animals!!!!
Big Hugs!!